Apr 10, 2019


Anthony Davis was up for some show and tell earlier this week in commemorating the inglorious end of his seven-year run with the now-moribund New Orleans Pelicans.

Before the Pelicans played their last game of the season yesterday, which though perfectly healthy Davis missed because of back spasms that have apparently plagued him since March 24, the six-time NBA all-star showed up wearing a Looney Tunes, “That’s All Folks!,” t-shirt.

Having failed to sufficiently expose his lack of character and basic decency the night before, this morning Davis somehow increased the ignominy of his exit from New Orleans by having the local media believe that the soon-to-be ex-Pelican had nothing to do with the selection of his Looney Tunes, “That’s All Folks!,” t-shirt the previous evening, 

When asked earlier today, “why did you choose that t-shirt last night?,” Davis responded, “I didn’t choose it. I actually didn’t choose it. It was hanging for me already when I put my clothes on.”

When Davis was then asked if he knew, “who hung,” the t-shirt for him to wear, he said, “no,” then paused to add, “I’m not sure,” before laughing along with a local media whose strangely misplaced sympathy went a long way to explaining why Davis went out the way he did.