Apr 2, 2019


Early Monday morning Albert Breer reported that the Oakland Raiders, led by head coach Jon Gruden, would be holding a private workout in Dallas later in the day in order to evaluate quarterback prospect Kyler Murray.

Five hours after Breer’s initial break, NFL scout Gil Brandt began to fill in details on Murray’s workout, noting on Twitter that:

Jon Gruden and (Raiders General Manager) Mike Mayock had dinner with Kyler Murray at Al Biernat’s last night in Dallas. Murray’s father, agent and 5 receivers are waiting for Gruden to get Murray off the white board to start today’s workout at Highland Park HS, which has been delayed by at least 1.5 hours.

Confirmation of Brandt’s dinner report soon appeared on the timeline of the official Twitter account of the restaurant itself, with @AlBiernats Tweeting out separate photos of a smiling Murray and a somewhat perturbed-looking Gruden along with the message:

Honored to have @TheKylerMurray, Coach Jon Gruden, General Manager Mike Mayock and Offensive Coordinator Greg Olson in for dinner last night!

At 11:31am, the same morning that Breer and Brandt broke the story of Murray’s workout with Gruden & Co., the Oakland Raiders official Twitter account Tweeted out this photo of ex-Raider Tim Brown and Murray at the Dallas workout.

15 minutes after the Tweet from the Raiders, Brandt Tweeted out, “Murray’s workout just finished up. He spent a half hour throwing, with Gruden running the entire workout.”

On March 22, Brandt Tweeted out this brief snippet of video of Kyler Murray working out inside the same Highland Park indoor facility that served as the venue for the quarterback’s Monday workout with the Raiders:

While the details of Murray’s private workout with the Raiders were somewhat mundane, and, for that matter, not something we would normally report, something happened after Gruden worked out the NFL Draft’s top quarterback prospect that made all of the above positively newsworthy – thanks to Twitter.

A few hours after Murray’s workout had ended – and media coverage of the somewhat unexpected event had died down, Derek Carr, the current starting quarterback of the Oakland Raiders, Tweeted out the following photo of himself:

The message-less Tweet seemed to indicate, at least to us, that Carr was perhaps none-to-pleased that his team might be auditioning his replacement in broad daylight.

The same group of Raider officials, including Gruden, are reportedly in Columbus today to similarly evaluate ex-Ohio State quarterback Dwayne Haskins which one would think might mitigate any immediate concern Carr might have about being shipped out of town. 

Then again, this is Jon Gruden we’re talking about.