Youth B-Ball Coach Has Sex w/16-Yr-Old On Trip

What kind of a sports news day would it be without yet another story of a coach caught having sex with an underage student? Luckily, today’s quota has been filled by one Joey Strong of AuSable Forks, New York.

Joey Strong youth basketball coach

(Image courtesy WPTZ-TV. [W-Putz?])

Joey is a girls’ basketball coach for Holy Name School, a private elementary school in upstate New York. And it appears that the 35-year-old Strong wanted to give some private lessons to a 16-year-old boy.

The GLENS FALLS POST STAR reports that last month, Strong had taken her teenage son and some other boys to a basketball tournament in the area. Although she wasn’t coaching in the tourney, Strong experienced a little March Madness of her own in a nearby motel.

Police investigators say the illegal encounter took place at the Comfort Suites in Queensbury, where Strong provided the 16-year-old with alcohol, then provided him with sexual favors. I’m not sure where this is laid out in the Marquis of Queensbury rules, but Coach Strong seems to have done her own laying.

WPTZ-TV follows up that the liquor of choice was apparently Coors Light. I suppose that makes sense, since the beer’s recent TV ads have featured the song “Love Train”.

And Joey might have gotten away with it, too, had she not gotten into a vocal argument with her hubby:

State Police in Essex County learned of the alleged incident in Queensbury after they were called to investigate a domestic dispute between Strong and her husband in recent weeks, [State Police Investigator Phil] Mann said. The focus of the dispute were the allegations that Strong had sex with the teen.

Because of the cuddling in Queensbury, Strong has been charged with a felony count of third-degree rape and two misdemeanor counts of unlawfully dealing with a child and endangering the welfare of a child.

As for any comments from Strong’s employer, Holy Name orincipal Jean Pulsifer released this statement:

“The incident for which Mrs. Strong has been accused has nothing to do with her association with Holy Name school. During her time as a volunteer coach no policies were broken or infringed upon.”

So don’t go calling Holy Name any dirty names, please.

In the meantime, I expect bookings at the Queensbury Confort Suites to go up - along with increased sales of Coors Light.