Youkilis Happily Takes Affleck’s Sloppy Seconds

Ben Affleck fancies himself one of the biggest Red Sox fans. Now the actor is sharing one more thing with his favorite team: former girlfriend Enza Sambataro, who married Kevin Youkilis yesterday. Because Youkilis is so tough, he’ll likely play through the lacerations he received from stepping on the glass.

Enza Sambataro

David Ortiz, Mike Lowell and Dustin Pedroia attended the wedding in Cabo San Lucas, along with Mike O’Malley and one of the Wahlberg brothers, and this post is fast turning into Boston B-List Hell. Far be it from me to say that Youkilis is just looking for eye candy to add to the current stable of Red Sox wives, but Sambataro’s job is listed as CEO of Youkilis’ charity. Thankfully she is pretty easy on the eyes: (Pics after the jump.)

Enza Sambataro

Enza Sambataro

You might remember Sambataro broke up with Affleck because she couldn’t stand the media spotlight, after they dug up two old shoplifting arrests (and I promise this is the last time I post a link to

“I try to live a good, morally correct life and then I get hit with something that happened when I was 16, when I got a parking ticket and didn’t pay it because I was afraid to tell my parents about it. So my license got suspended.

“I’m just a regular person. I didn’t want to live in the shadow of Ben Affleck. I didn’t want to lose my identity, give up my family, my friends, a career I love, to go live in a shallow place like Los Angeles.”

I’m sure the Boston sports media will be much less intrusive.