Yeah, Being Erin Andrews Is Simply A Living Hell

Erin Andrews is back for the second straight year as “sideline reporter” at the Scripps National Spelling Bee, which begins today. As if the event isn’t nerve-wracking enough for these kids. She got the gig, of course, because she is an excellent speller … and for no other reason. Oh, except for her breasts.

Erin Andrews

Sorry. The last sentence above was out of line and I apologize. You see, it’s very tough being Erin Andrews, what with photographers following your every move, random Iowa fans trying to cop a feel, and of course this. It’s a madhouse! The Divine Miss A talked about sideline princessdom, sweaters, and just generally what it’s like being her during an interview with, appropriately enough, the Rise Guys on KHTK in Sacramento:

“Umm, yeah. I mean, honestly, it’s 50/50, it’s a catch 22. I really appreciate how much, I guess, people are interested and want to write down every little thing that I do or every photo. But sometimes it’s the people that take it to the next level and start writing things and everyone thinks that they’re true, that’s kinda the difficult part. So you kinda hope that the people that are reading that stuff, and then how many times it gets picked up, realize that it’s somebody else’s take and not everything that’s written out there is correct.

But somebody in the business put it to me pretty well — now you understand how superstars and celebrities have to deal with these kind of things. We write and say things all the time that may or may not be true, we hope it’s factual, but it’s very difficult. Sometimes it’s pretty hard.”

Damn it, I promised myself I wouldn’t cry.

Playboy’s Sexiest Sportscaster the past two years running does have a point; it’s tough being in the spotlight, I would imagine. But it’s just as tough fetching extra pillows and dealing with cranky passengers at 30,000 feet. Or raising kids, or, you know, working at just about any job. Toughen up, missy. Life’s been pretty good to you so far.

I mean, who else gets paid for talking to kids at a spelling bee?

“This is a whole new ballgame; these kids are so intense. I did the Bee last year, and we stay at the hotel where the competition is being held, and you see all of the kids sitting around the lobby, on the floor, quizzing each other with dictionaries and thesauruses.”

Just like check-in time with the Cincinnati Bengals, I’m guessing.