Wow: Midshipman Submarines Blanton’s Blindside

UPDATE (1:56p PT): Keith Arnold from NBC Sports and CFT passes along another angle of the cheap shot by Henderson, see embed after the jump.

Jay Christensen at W.O.O. finds an unbelievable cheap shot by Navy’s Nick Henderson on Notre Dame’s Robert Blanton last Saturday.

Navy Cheapshot Video Nick Henderson Goes For Robert Blanton's Knees

(The only thing cheaper, more malicious ever seen on a football field)

The hit, as you will see in the video below, came on the opposite side of field from where the play took place. Henderson was given a five-yard personal foul on the play. Blanton, somehow, was unhurt.

Navy's Nick Henderson Cheapshots Notre Dame's Robert Blanton

(A senior? *Al Davis’ ears prick, spins around in wheelchair*)

That might be the cheapest shot of the season. The CHICAGO TRIBUNE has ND’s reax after the jump.

For his blindside hit on ND’s Robert Blanton, Navy’s Nick Henderson should…

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Notre Dame assistant coach Corwin Brown: “They hit (Robert Blanton) on one of the most malicious plays I’ve ever seen since I’ve been playing. And I called him about it. And I told him I thought it was very poor. He probably thought I called because we lost; I was going to say something to him before the game but I didn’t. Very malicious. And in this game, which we’re supposed to be playing for our kids, you don’t let your players do something like that.

Henderson should be suspended for at least one game. I would make it two, myself.

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Right damn now.