Workers Find Red Sox Jersey At Yankee Stadium

The curse is over! Workers spent five hours jackhammering concrete at the new Yankee Stadium to remove the David Ortiz jersey buried there last week by Gino Castignoli (dramatic re-enactment starring Pedro Martinez and Don Zimmer below).

Red Sox Yankees Pedro Don Zimmer

As one might expect, the NY POST was all over it, breaking the news of the recovery earlier today:

“After reading about the traitorous act in The Post, the two workers approached a construction manager and said they remembered Castignoli, who only worked at the Stadium one day, and thought they knew where he must have placed the shirt.They led the manager to a service corridor near the site of the planned Legends Club restaurant, behind home plate and toward the third base side.

After the hardhats pointed to the spot, workers brought out jackhammers and dug furiously for five hours, creating a 2-foot- by-3-foot, gravel-filled pit in their search for the tainted threads.

They spotted the jersey at 3:25 p.m. and called Yankee brass. The cursed shirt was about two feet deep in cement.”

The article did not say whether they swapped the jersey for A-Rod, thus potentially eliminating the curse Mr. Rodriguez has had on the Bronx Bombers. We can only imagine, by the way, the money that jersey will fetch at an auction.