Wonderlic Scores Leak; Vince Still Not Vindicated

For the first time since everyone jumped on Vince Young for his supposedly, laughably low Wonderlic test score (6), Dan Pompeii of the CHICAGO TRIBUNE names more names, and the test scores that accompany them.

Keith Rivers Wonderlic Fiend

No surprise that possible first overall pick, BC QB Matt Ryan, scored an impressive 32. Most Michigan fans won’t be shocked to find out that former Wolverines QB Chad Henne scored significantly lower: 22.

But a USC Trojan took home the booby prize for lowest score posted by Pompeii in his piece.

At the linebacker position there are two players who look like surefire first-rounders, but one tested better than the other. Tennessee’s Jerod Mayo scored a 26 while USC’s Keith Rivers scored a 16. Rivers’ test probably won’t hurt his stock because most teams consider him an outside linebacker.

Now there’s a handy tip for those of you hiring for a manual labor gig. Just ask the kid what position he played in football.