WNBA Seeks Legitimacy With Superstar DUI Bust

Someone at the WNBA finally realized that we’re never going to take them seriously as professional athletes until they start acting like it. So it’s quite the PR coup for the league to have one of their top stars arrested for DUI.

Diana Taurasi

(”Who wants another round?”)

Star guard Diana Taurasi must have wanted to celebrate being the leading vote-getter for the all-star team. Or maybe she just wanted to drink away the realization that she’s trapped in the WNBA, and trapped in Phoenix. Either way, we’re going to break down her arrest and add or subtract “Barkley Points” where needed to gauge the appropriateness of her actions to a professional athlete.

Taurasi scored a game-high 22 points in the Mercury’s win over Seattle Wednesday night, so it’s likely her drinking was done in celebration (that’s plus one Barkley Point). Eyewitness reports say she might have had one too many Bartles & Jaymes (minus one Barkley Point. Also: not true).

Around 2:30 a.m. (+1 BP) she was pulled over in her black SUV (+1 BP) for driving fast and failing to stay in one lane.

“The motor officer detected what he believed to be the odor of intoxicating beverages and a series of field sobriety tests was conducted at the scene,” Samudio said.  “Ms. Taurasi was transported to a Phoenix Police Mobile DUI van where a sample of her blood was obtained.”

We won’t be able to give a final score until we get her blood alcohol content results, but suffice to say anything under 0.15 will be severely disappointing.

Taurasi was cited and released to friends, and was “courteous and polite with officers.” (That’s one huge negative Barkley Point.)

The Mercury don’t have an official statement yet, but say Taurasi is likely to play in their next game Sunday in Los Angeles. I’m sure all nineteen fans will really let her have it.