Will P.T.I. Save Kornheiser From ‘Hannah’ Storm?

Jason McIntyre of TheBigLead.com noted on-air comments made on ESPN Radio in D.C. this week by ESPN P.T.I. co-Host Tony Kornheiser about his ESPN colleague Hannah Storm:

Tony Kornheiser

Hannah Storm in a horrifying, horrifying outfit today. She’s got on red go-go boots and a catholic school plaid skirt … way too short for somebody in her 40s or maybe early 50s by now.

She’s got on her typically very, very tight shirt. She looks like she has sausage casing wrapping around her upper body … I know she’s very good, and I’m not supposed to be critical of ESPN people, so I won’t … but Hannah Storm … come on now! Stop! What are you doing?

So Kornheiser carpet-bombed female ESPN colleague Storm with insults about her ESPN on-air appearance on his ESPN radio show in D.C. while she unknowingly went about her business 349 miles away in Bristol, CT.

I wouldn’t have believed it had I not heard it with my own ears.

What do his comments about Hannah Storm most tell us about Tony Kornheiser the man?

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In 2002, Kornheiser was suspended from his ESPN radio show and P.T.I. for slamming company management on-air. I asked a top-level ESPN talent today if he thought Kornheiser would face similar repercussions over his comments about ESPN co-worker Storm:

Nothing will happen because PTI has great ratings and brings in a ton of money for the company. If it were a less-known guy who said that, it’d be handled differently. Tony is untouchable, at least at the moment.

Another ESPN source text me the reason they thought Kornheiser wouldn’t face sanction of any kind: “Ratings.”

For the record, I think Storm’s a consumate pro and a very attractive lady. To be more specific, Storm looks unbelievable for her age and I have nothing but respect for the way she’s taken care of herself and how she presents herself on-air.

ESPN publicly presents Storm as, “a trailblazing and award-winning sports and newscaster for the last 19 years” who through her own charitable foundation has, “provided treatment for children suffering from debilitating and disfiguring vascular birthmarks.

So is that the same person who deserves to have her ESPN on-air appearance referenced on an ESPN-branded station by one of ESPN’s highest-profile personalities as “horrifying” and reminiscent of a “sausage casing.“?

I’ve got an email in to ESPN. We’ll see if they don’t think so.