Will Erin Andrews Bolt ESPN To Cover Hollywood?

Rather ironic Q & A with Erin Andrews over at SPORTS BUSINESS DAILY today. I’m not going to talk about the whole interview, since it’s a subscription site and those guys work their butts off over there. So if you want to read the thing, subscribe.

Erin Andrews on Jimmy Kimmel show

(Andrews on Kimmel - will she be back to cover Hollywood soon?)

Andrews lists TMZ.com as one of her two favorite websites (People.com is the other). As we all know, TMZ specializes in the celeb-u-hate, so it was amusing to hear Andrews complain about the coverage she gets from the media, main or otherwise.

Andrews to SBD on media criticism: “I’m just a target right now for people that either want to come after me or make headway on the Internet, and I’ve got to accept that, have thick skin and watch everything I do. I’m learning that I’m a target moreso than anyone and I haven’t figured out why yet, but I just have to make sure everything’s covered.

I haven’t read too many pieces critical of her, have you? There may be a couple-few, but they are few and far between. 99% of what I’ve seen, read and heard about Andrews is positive. Very few people, besides rapidly-fossilizing, dinosaur media-types have a problem with her professionalism on the air.

SBD also asks Andrews, “How has blogging changed sports journalism?”

Andrews’ response: “Sports blogging is what it is. I’m trying to do my best to stay away from it. One thing is it gives people a voice and they may not know the whole story and that could be very damaging. On the other end, blogging has made me pretty popular — I don’t know if popular is the right word — but it’s created kind of an animal for me on the Internet.

I think it’s important for me and my employers not to take it so seriously because it gives people a voice that may not know the whole story.

Key emphasis on “employers” there. Andrews is obviously now extremely aware (paranoid) in public about her appearance and behavior because of the millions of photos of her spread around the web. She’s kept herself remarkably in check, but obviously fears for what her ESPN superiors thinks of the way she’s portrayed on the web.

Most interesting during the interview is Andrews not ruling out moving from covering sports to entertainment.

She told SBD, “I’m enjoying right now where I am on the sidelines. I like being part of the action. A lot of people bring up to me maybe entertainment, maybe studio and I’m never going to turn up my nose at any of that stuff but I think the one thing for me is I love being a part of the drama.

Based on her aforementioned favorite websites (none were sports), I think there’s a distinct possibility she may not be long for ESPN. The irony about her rising star is that, in my opinion, the internet has just as much to do with it as her ability. An internet that she quite obviously disdains.