Will a Faithful Tiger Be Forced To Divorce Caddy?

All golf fans know how close personally and professionally Tiger Woods is to his caddy, Steve Williams. The two are together on the course and the road for months at a time and have developed a seemingly unassailable bond. (Unlike Woods’ marriage.)

Tiger Woods Steve Williams Elin Nordegren

(Inset Photo Credit: ASSOCIATED PRESS)

Based on what we now know about Woods’ alt-lifestyle, is it not reasonable to believe that Williams knew about Woods’ infidelity? And if Woods’s wife Elin Nordegren made that reasonable assumption, would she want Williams working with her husband in the future? The same Williams who probably knew of Woods’ dalliances and kept it secret from her?
If the majority of the reports of Woods affairs are true, you don’t need to be a psychologist to figure out that the golfer is obsessed with having sex with women other than his wife. Woods to this point in his life has surrounded himself with enablers akin to an alcoholic’s only friends also serving as his bartenders.

So if Woods is going to remain faithful going forward (I know), why shouldn’t Nordegren demand that her husband ditch his closest business and personal associates - which would include Williams?

Isn’t that one of the first rules of someone in recovery? Removing the environment that fosters the problem?

I bring this up not to pretend that it will happen, but to point out how unworkable Woods’ marriage is going forward. If she stays with Woods, Nordegren will always have people in her daily life who remind her of Woods’ manic philandering. And that’s on top of her humiliation in public or every time she turnes on televison or logs onto the internet.

Not many people I know think that the marriage isn’t effectively over, and the first sign may have come today with Nordegren reportedly moving out of the family home. Meanwhile Woods is scrambling to salvage their fraudulent union, which he probably thinks he needs to secure many of his endorsement deals.

I can’t see Nordegren remaining in this arrangement much longer if she wants to retain her sanity and a semblance of a normal life for her children.