Which Millionaire Never EVER Tips? Tiger Woods!

Move over Scottie Pippen, you’ve got company in the pantheon of great cheapskate athletes. Tiger Woods, a man who will likely be the first athlete to hit $1 billion in earnings within five years, doesn’t ever tip, either.

tiger woods money

(This is Tiger’s money! Not for you!)

According to the NEW YORK POST’s PAGE SIX MAGAZINE, which has essentially become America’s answer to Britain’s worst tabloid gossip rags, Woods is so notorious for not adding any gratuity that it’s cost him members of his entourage, something which, evidently, doesn’t bother him at all:

“Whenever Tiger was in Las Vegas, there was a woman who would hang out with his group, sort of as a local guide,” says our source. “They would have a great time but Tiger never tips. Ever. She had to stop going out with him because it would cost her three or four hundred bucks every time they went out, since she had to keep tipping for him. Even though he paid the bill, people knew her, so [to not leave a gratuity] would reflect badly on her.

Big shock. Tiger is richer than God, but he tips like an 80-year-old intent on cashing in on the early bird special. As if we didn’t see that coming from a guy who took an endorsement from Oldsmobile.

This all might seem callous, but it’s also a prudent financial decision, provided you care less what the rest of the world thinks of you. That, on the other hand, might not be the best financial decision for Woods, considering the fact that his image earns him some 10-times what he makes on the golf course itself.

That’s where Tiger’s trouble comes in. While he’s done plenty in the public eye to help charities and his own personal causes — funding Stanford’s new basketball court, to name one — it’s often the little things that people hold on to when determining a celebrity’s public image. Hey, there’s nothing smaller than tipping, and cheaping out waitstaffs could be just the kind of taint that American sports’ golden boy doesn’t need.

In fact, that would be a really interesting sociological experiment: Which athlete could recover from their respective taint more seamlessly: Michael Phelps from toking the ganja or Tiger Woods from being a cheapskate? It may sound crazy, but we’d probably pick Phelps. After all, if “youthful indiscretions” work for a president, it’s got to work for a swimmer, right?