When Does Mike Shanahan Get Sent To Guantanamo?

Pat Graham of the ASSOCIATED PRESS gives a softball treatment to a new book written by Denver Bronco Jason Elam and someone named Steve Yohn.

Monday Night Jihad

PLOT: “The main character in Elam’s novel is Riley Covington, a bruising linebacker and Air Force lieutenant loosely based on former Broncos reserve Steve Russ, now an assistant coach at Syracuse University. Covington is an Air Force Academy graduate — just like Russ — who plays for the fictional Colorado Mustangs, a team in the Pro Football League. Following a tour of duty in Afghanistan, Covington, a third-round pick of the Mustangs, is living out his dream of playing professional football when he gets dragged back into his former life as a member of a special operations squad. Covington is sent back overseas to help stop escalating terrorist attacks.

Actually, sounds more like Pat Tillman to us. AP Writer Graham claims the book is getting glowing reviews, then cites three quotes, two of which belong to celebrated literary experts Tony Dungy and Deanna Favre.

And we’re sure Broncos fans will be disappointed by the tome, considering there’s no mention of the Maurice Clarett training camp waterboarding episode.