Whatever Happened to Sarah Fisher, Anyway?

We here at SPORTSbyBROOKS have taken to showing this mashup when we talk about female racers. We’ve covered both Danica Patrick and Ashley Force at some length and pairing them up made sense on a few levels, some more obvious than others.

Danica Patrick Ashley Force

Here’s our favorite reason, though: they’re women that are winners. (Finally, in one case.) We all love winners. We all want to associate with winners. Can they do it again? They’re young enough that we have to grant them time. After all, Ashley’s dad still wins races and the peak age for an open-wheel racer is higher than in most sporting events.

Sarah Fisher

Which leads us to Sarah Fisher. As pointed out by JALOPNIK when she endorsed Hillary Clinton this week, she’s never finished higher than 17th. She’s only 18 months older than Danica Patrick and has years of American racing on Patrick. So why does USA TODAY find Fisher scraping for sponsor dollars while Patrick rolls in the millions?

We sure as hell hope it’s not because Danica doesn’t mind using everything she has to sell her product.

Dania Patick Topless Sports Illustrated

After all, open-wheel racing and NASCAR have converged on one salient fact: money wins races. If Patrick can bring in the cash through any means necessary, she’ll have a better chance of winning.

In Ashley’s case, she has Daddy’s money and training. We don’t hold that against her. Hell, that pretty much explains Kyle Petty’s career.

Ashley Force John Force

Still, as much as we don’t need to see our lady drivers gussied up for the prom, we do want to see more decoration on one part of Sarah Fisher by Indy 500 Race Day: her car.

Sarah Fisher car

That’s a kind of nudity we don’t ever need to see on her again.

Clarification: Sarah Fisher has never ranked higher than 17th in year-end standings.  She has indeed taken the podium multiple times (Kentucky in 2000, Homestead in 2001).  Needless to say, this only reinforces our original concern.  It would seem she can race.  (Thanks to commenter bodellg for the assist.)