What The? Nelly Once Didn’t Have That Gin Belly?

Great, goofy commercial featuring the 1974 Celtics that you haven’t seen:

Boston Celtics 1974 Bradlees Commercial

Bradlees, the Mervyn’s of the New England (both way out of biz), was the chain that paid forĀ  Dave Cowens, John Havilicek and Don Nelson to look extremely white in their store. The video will be especially shocking for some of you who are used to seeing Nelson smuggling an underage Honduran child under his faux turtleneck all these years.

Don Nelson Gin Belly

As an aside, Nelson wasn’t the third-best player on that Celtics team (Jo Jo White, anyone?). I wonder why Bradlees picked him for the commercial over White? Maybe Pumpsie Green can help me with that one.

Video after the jump.

These days, if you asked three of the current Celtics to do some tricks with the basketball, I’m guessing you’d be positively amazed (ok, maybe not Scal). But that trio? Could barely dribble between their legs during the spots.

Be sure to watch to the end, which features Havilicek struggling as he dribbles down the detergent aisle. (Yeah, but Hondo sure could move without the ball!)

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