What The? Isiah Denies Claim He Took The Pills

The New York media has been breathlessly reporting all day that Isiah Thomas overdosed on sleeping pills, which caused a visit by police and a trip to the hospital.

Jimmy Carter Isiah Thomas in western wear

(Ahhh, Isiah’s happier, fashion mishap days)

The NEW YORK POST caught up with Thomas this afternoon to ask him about the situation, and the former Knicks coach didn’t exactly confirm what had been previously reported.

Former Knicks coach Isiah Thomas was taken to the hospital early this morning because he overdosed on sleeping pills at his Westchester home, authorities said.

When reached on his cell phone today, Thomas, 47, inexplicably denied those claims, and insisted his 17-year-old daughter Lauren was the one who was having an issue but it “wasn’t an overdose.”

“My daughter is very down right now. None of us are OK,” he told The Post.

So the police just made up that Thomas took the 10 sleeping pills and was taken to the hospital?

Maybe this explains the delusional state Thomas was constantly under while running the Knicks into the ground.