Warren Sapp Retires, Raiders Won’t Acknowledge?

Warren Sapp & Brett Favre had spent a fair share of their NFL years engaged in a trash-talking but respectful feud. So it would figure that on the day the Packers QB was calling it quits, Sapp would have to steal some of the spotlight and make his own retirement official.

Warren Sapp sitting Raiders

The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports that the 13-year veteran had previously said he was finished playing at the end of his 2007 season, “but did not file the paperwork.” In January, Sapp posted a two-word message on his website, QB KILLA, which simply said, “I’m Done!

Sapp apparently made the official announcement on the Raiders’ official website. However, when we checked out the team’s front page, no Sapp-y stories were in sight.

Over on the official site, www.raiders.com, there are features on Oren O’Neal & Stuart Schweigert reading to kids, and a write-up about California’s Columbia State Park - but nothing on Warren’s farewell.

In fact, after hunting around, the only mention we saw on the site was a brief, one-line statement on the Raiders’ transactions page, which simply said:

3/3/08, DT, Warren Sapp, Reserve/Retired

So, for a guy who brought so much brashness to the Silver & Black, the team would acknowledge the completion of his career not with a bang, but a whimper?

How can Al Davis make such questionable decisions?