Vince Young Would Like You To Try His Sausage

No, ladies, this isn’t some kind of casting call for a new dating show starring Tennessee Titans QB Vince Young. This is a new business venture for a young man who realizes that a football career is not guaranteed.

Vince Young Sausage

That’s right, Vince has gone into the meat business, which is the number two goal in life of every kid in Texas, right behind playing quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. Since it doesn’t look like Vince is going to be lining up under center with a blue star on his helmet anytime soon, he must have figured it was time to move on to Plan B: become the Sausage King of Austin.


Vince Young of the Tennessee Titans has started Vince Young Foods to supplement his NFL income. You can check out his site, Vince Young Sausage, which is still under construction but highlights Vince’s smoked sausage, brisket, and ribs.

Vince started the venture because he knows football doesn’t last forever, and he has to prepare for the future.

Vince’s meat can be found at local Wal-Marts and other supermarkets throughout Texas, but if he wants to become the Sausage King of Austin, he will have some competition. Earl Campbell, another one of the five Longhorns to have his number retired, has had his own sausage company (creatively titled Earl Campbell Sausage) in the Austin area for years.

I know you’re all just dying to know what Vince’s sausage tastes like, and thankfully John Kelso from the AUSTIN-AMERICAN STATESMAN was willing to give it a test run.

I tried one of the beef sausages at home, and it was pretty darned good. I’m glad I gave it a second chance. On Saturday night during UT’s home opener against Florida Atlantic, a bunch of college-aged people were cooking Vince’s barbecue products and handing out free samples at a tailgate party.

The sausage was a little tough, and the rib was like chewing on a shoe. I blame the cooks. I don’t think they left the groceries on the fire long enough.

Damn kids these days, they just don’t take their barbeque seriously. It’ll be the downfall of this country, just you watch.