Vin Baker’s CT Seafood Restaurant Goes Belly Up

It turns out that George Brett’s not the only athlete to have his self-named eatery suddently bite the dust.

Vin Baker cook

The HARTFORD COURANT chows down news that Vin Baker’s Connecticut restaurant has been closed down. TD Banknorth, the bank that financed Vinnie’s Saybrook Fish House, says they’re owed almost $1 million in unpaid loans from the former NBA star.

David Collins of the NEW LONDON (CT) DAY believes that Baker’s business going belly-up was brought about by booze.

The columnist notes that Vin had issues with alcohol during his days on the Celtics, when he became to be known as “Vin & Tonic”:

But it was in Boston where Baker’s problems with alcohol began to bring him down, when he began turning up at practice with vodka on his breath. The Celtics eventually broke his contract, with reports suggesting he got less than 50 cents on the dollar.

And it didn’t help matters that Baker was arrested in June for a DUI. He eventually plead guilty to the lesser charge of drunk driving.

Vin Baker on Boston Celtics bench

And now Baker’s restaurant has been boarded up. Wonder what happened with the bar’s inventory?