Brog: Dodgers’ Disgrace - Team Owner’s Broke?

In case you are unaware, Frank and Jamie McCourt were hand-picked by Bud Selig to buy the Dodgers precisely because they didn’t have enough money to properly operate a large market MLB franchise. Between their empty pockets and front office bumbling, Selig and his small-marketed minions now won’t ever have to worry about a mega-payroll emanating out of Los Angeles.

One problem though, what if the McCourts go broke?

Today T.J. Simers writes that apparently the McCourts are “short on cash,” and recently sent out a letter to season ticket holders asking for renewals on 2009 seats at 2008 prices. Thanks Manny!

Frank McCourt Baseball's Berlin Wall

Simers also notes the letter “goes on to a second page with talk of community service, alumni appearances and autographs — the McCourts declining to take credit for keeping the unwashed from mixing with the rich folk.

Interesting to hear Simers indirectly invoke what I pointed out last week in the Brog: the absurd wall separating pricey seatholders and regular field boxes.

As for the Dodgers’ playoff chances, though Simers buries the team today, I fully expect them to outlast the top-heavy D’Backs and land the least competitive MLB playoff spot - with a first round exit to follow. That will hasten the demise of GM Ned Colletti, who is more to blame for the McCourts’ shortfall than anyone. The club’s longtime farm director, Logan White, is your next Dodger GM.

With Beijing behind us, like you, I’m really enjoying tracking all the commercial endorsements landed by Olympic Athletes. Earlier today Eamonn posted on the landmark Michael Phelps-less Wheaties boxes (Bryan Clay?!).

And now I’m pleased to present my favorite Olympic athlete endorsement, featuring gymnast hottie Shawn Johnson.

In this clip, Shawn tells us all about her favorite taco:

Sadly, the spot doesn’t give us insight into Shawn’s Mom’s favorite taco, too.

Shawn Johnsons Bikini Mom Photo

Or Shawn’s favorite Johnson, for that matter.

Judd Zulgad and Chip Scoggins of the MINNEAPOLIS STAR-TRIBUNE report today that “the NFL suspended left tackle Bryant McKinnie for the first four games of the season for violating the league’s personal conduct policy.”

Bryant McKinnie Toccara Jones

(Will Toccara tolerate Smirnoff  instead of Grey Goose from BK at Prive?)

That personal conduct by McKinnie included being “arrested on four charges, including one felony, stemming from a brawl outside a Miami nightclub in February.”

With the suspension, McKinnie will lose about $750,000 in game checks. Dan Le Batard of Miami’s 790 The Ticket radio has often said that McKinnie will spend upwards of $20K on booze and other accoutrements during a night out in South Beach (thanks to a plethora of hangers-on). Guess the big fella will have to dial it down from Grey Goose to Smirnoff next time at Cameo. 

I grew up in KC so I was a little disappointed to see the news that the Chiefs are attempting to sell the naming rights to Arrowhead Stadium.  IMG, reports Don Muret of SPORTSBUSINESS JOURNAL, has taken over the chore of finding some company to pay $5.5M per year for 20 years to slap their name and logo on the 40-year-old facility.

More amusing is that the KANSAS CITY STAR also reports the team is trying to sell a naming rights deal for the club’s practice facility that will net $800,000. And also secure a naming rights windfall for a “children’s learning center.”

Let’s just say that a “learning center” and dropping $800K for your name on a building which brings to mind a pile of smelly jockstraps don’t really go together.

The COLUMBUS (OH) DISPATCH reports Ohio State football schedule “posters and other promotional signs have disappeared from bars, restaurants and stores across central Ohio in the past several days.

The “two large beer distributors that produced those items didn’t have permission to use trademarked [OSU] symbols,” so OSU officials “asked the distributors to remove what they had passed out, and they agreed to do it.

Jim Tressel Sweater Vest Koozie

As we noted in the Brog on Wednesday, if you’re going to encourage Buckeye fans to get blotto, you’ll have to be officially licensed to do so.’s Alan Bastable is apparently the last bipedal life form in the galaxy to find out that Tiger Woods is an empty vessel when individually engaged by a media member not named Art Spander.

Woods has been out this week hawking his new EA Sports video game, and he did a painful phoner with Dan Patrick on Patrick’s radio show earlier this week that Bastable noted, “was curt and unrevealing — typical Tiger, in other words — and I’m not the only one who thought so.”

The visit was “peppered with terse responses, dead air and about as much excitement as a crossword puzzle.”

Patrick on-air after the visit: “He purposefully goes out of his way to not give you great answers. Tiger to me is the toughest interview in all sports. You can’t give Tiger a yes or no question because he will take the yes or no.

Bastable goes on to point out the real reason why Tiger mails in interviews: “Woods and his powerbrokers will never have anything to gain because they already have it all.

Yep. This also underlines the dilemma facing radio and TV hosts when offered a *coveted* Tiger appearance. Since he’s such a huge draw, and so rarely does one-on-ones, it’s impossible to turn down a so-called Q & A with him. But then you get what Patrick describes: brutal programming that is a complete tuneout on radio and teevee.

In reality, the only reason show hosts really take Tiger is so they can tell people later that they had him on. And then bombard us with sound-bitten promos from the interview to prop up the host’s credibility.

And anyone who listens to Jim Rome knows he’s been banging on this subject for years, so safe to assume we’ll never see or hear Woods on any of Rome’s platforms. It’s nice that at least one high profile media figure has the balls to say what we’re all thinking.

New photo of New SbB Girl Dorothy:

SbB Girl Dorothy In Santa Monica, CA