Video: 30 Rock’s “Tennis Night In America” Promo

A little confession: I’ve never really gotten into 30 ROCK. Yes, I’m told at least once a week that it’s the funniest show on television and that Tracy Morgan is a comedic genius. I’ve just seen the show about 4 times - trust me, I tried to get into it - and each time, it was just all right, but not enough for me to get invested in it (though I howled for about five minutes straight after this line).

Tennis Night in America

That, however, may change.  30 Rock may have won me over with this clip of character Jenna Maroney’s “TENNIS NIGHT IN AMERICA” intro from last night’s show. There’s little subtlety in the allusion to the insipid Faith Hill spot for NBC’s actual FOOTBALL NIGHT IN AMERICA, but that’s par for the course with 30 Rock. Video is after the break.

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Even without the punchline of the tennis players’ names (though Eastern Europeans don’t really crowd in on men’s tennis these days, do they?), the parody is gold. All of those winking affectations render the FNIA intro ridiculous, and we’re not sure what viewer would be more excited about the night’s game after Faith Hill shows up on their screen and belts out 45 seconds of overproduced pop-country with semi-coherent lyrics about football.

Anyway, well played, NBC. And please send the dancers over here. We want.