USF Football Coach Bloodied After Player Headbutt

Jim Leavitt never lets us down. As his USF squad plods through a relatively forgettable season, Leavitt still gives us reason to care - like when he shows up to his postgame presser yesterday looking like this:

USF Coach Jim Leavitt Bloodied After Headbutting Player

Greg Auman of the St. Peterburg Times reports that, “when USF coach Jim Leavitt took the podium after Saturday’s 34-22 win against Louisville, he looked as if he’d played in the game himself, with a bloody gash across the bridge of his nose and a red mark above his left eye.

Leavitt wouldn’t tell the media how he bloodied his face, but his players sold him out.

“He was fired up. He grabbed somebody — I think it was (walk-on linebacker) LaDre Watkins,” senior safety Nate Allen said. “He headbutted him and fell backwards. I couldn’t help but laugh, because that’s the best one I’ve seen. … We were fired up about that one.”

The Bulls scored a touchdown on their first drive of the second half, then Allen intercepted a Louisville pass on the next play, setting up a field goal and a 27-16 lead.

“I just heard about it when I got back to the press box (after) halftime, and they said, ‘Did you see Coach Leavitt,’ ” offensive coordinator Mike Canales said. “I said, ‘Why, what’s wrong with him?’ ‘He’s bloody.’ I thought, ‘Oh, golly, okay.’ … That’s Coach. That’s who he is. You know what you’re getting, and the kids love it.”

Yes, it’s a funny story if the players go out and execute en route to a victory - as USF did against sad sack Louisville yesterday. But if the Bull lose, not sure everyone would be nearly as amused.

Jim Leavitt Grabs USF Player's Facemask

Leavitt has pushed the envelope with the media and players in the past, and you kind of wonder if he isn’t a volcano waiting to really explode at some point. Hopefully not.

Owen Schmitt Bloody Forehead Photo Seattle Seahawks Player

Interesting to note that when a coach bloodies himself when headbutting a helmet, it’s a slap-happy good time. But when a player does it, like the Seahawks’ Owen Schmitt, he gets roundly mocked by the media.

I don’t want to make this into something bigger than it is, just pointing out what might be a somewhat hypocritical approach in these two similar circumstances.