South Florida Coach Leavitt Goes Positively Nuts

• We’re staying positive about South Florida coach Jim Leavitt - positive that he’s gone bonkers at this press conference.

Jim Leavitt South Florida coach all wet

(Really, Jim, you need to cool off)

• What folks could be asking come January: Who let the Vick out? (Who? Who-who?)

• A Idaho high school football fighter flattens his coach - and it’s finally caught on tape!

• Meanwhile, this Sixers cheerleader falls head over heels, and it hurts.

• Everyone’s dumping on Michigan this year - from Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio, to even their own coach Rich Rodriguez.

• The Wisconsin Badgers band has been singing songs about vaginas? Oh, jeepers, that’s not very nice! My goodness gracious!

Kimbo Slice - from EliteXC champ to Nickelodeon TV movie chump.

• Russian pole valuter Yelena Isinbayeva knows that for female athletes, the medals don’t mean a thing unless you make the boys schwing.

• And the winner of today’s rootin’-tootin’ Mick Foley caption contest is…

Mick Foley Tshirt Gun

Phil Bama Slamma, for this funny Elmer Fudd-esque submission:

“Shhh! Be vewy, vewy, quiet. I’m hunting LeBwons and Kobe Bwyants. Ha ha ha ha ha!”

Thanks to everyone for your contributions. One more pre-Turkey Day caption contest will be baked up on the site for you to gobble up tomorrow.