UScream: NFL Lineman Showers Live On Internet

Defensive Lineman Darnell Dockett of the Arizona Cardinals Tweeted yesterday:

Darnell Dockett Showers Nude On UStream

Ok so I just got a $1k = A stack BET that I wouldn’t take a shower on ustream lol ok soo as soon as I see the money its On ” NO MEN ALLOWED”

So there’s someone out there who offered an NFL defensive lineman $1,000 cash to shower live on the internet?

Just wanted to get that straight.

Did someone actually offer Darnell Dockett $1,000 To Shower Live On The Internet?

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Images are not safe for work if you click through. You’ve been warned. *shudder*

Dockett did indeed stream live video on of himself in the shower. Though from the screen shots sent to me, it doesn’t appear he actually went fully nude in front of the webcam. *resumes breakfast*

Darnell Dockett Showers Nude On UStream

The video was not archived on Dockett’s account.

How can someone claim they won something when so many others lose?