USC LB Maualuga Gets Down With Erin Andrews

USC linebacker Rey Maualuga may or may not be the top linebacking prospect headed to the NFL Draft. Workouts over the next month or two are likely to determine that. But regardless of draft status, Maualuga has become an outright celebrity while starring for USC, a status that may have ultimately been cemented by this, unwitting tango with ESPN sideline reporter extraordinaire Erin Andrews, which was dug up and sent our way by L.A. TIMES blogger Adam Rose.

mauluga andrews dance shot

Yes, that’s Maualuga who walks all the way from the sideline to inches behind Andrews and busts some serious moves right behind her. It’s harder to figure out whether it’s more surprising that Maualuga didn’t go even more overboard (hey, he had Erin Andrews at her disposal and clearly he’s just joking around. What harm would it have done?) or that Andrews somehow didn’t hear him walk up while wearing cleats and traipsing across the ESPN designated video area. It may not be hard plastic, but there had to be a decent amount of clickety-clack coming from his feet, and there was no one else around to defray the noise.

Andrews clearly wasn’t thrilled with the move, but she looked more confused and slightly terrified at what Maualuga may have done than anything else. After all, she didn’t see his dance. It retrospect, if she saw it she probably would have laughed. At this point, failing a faux spanking, Andrews has probably been a victim of everything else.

Enjoy the video. It’s an instant classic, and a highlight from a Rose Bowl that started strong, became a blowout and never quite got that whole spirited comeback going the way it was trying to, even if some of the photos you’ll get from Brooks were pretty terrific. Don’t worry, they’re coming.

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