UroClub Helps Keep Golfers On Course For Relief

Scenario: You’re out on the links, shooting 18 holes with your buds, all while sharing a beer or three or six. But as soon as you reach the fourth hole, nature comes a-callin’, and there’s nary a restroom in sight. What’s a bladder-burdened golfer to do?

Steve Spurrier Peeing On Augusta National

Well, there’s the Steve Spurrier way of handling such emergencies. But thanks to the good people at MATCO, fairway folks can now find relief while making the rounds - with the new UroClub(TM)!

The club is designed like a standard 7-iron, but the shaft sports a leak-proof cylinder that can hold up to a half-liter of liquid. And a triple-sealed cap on top keeps contents from spilling out.

The equipment also features a “privacy shield” towel that can be latched on to the pants or belt before getting down to business. The shield supposedly “adds stability” and “allows freedom of the hands to manipulate the club and zipper” - and any other items in reach that need manipulating.

Here’s a demonstration:

UroClub in use

Simple, isn’t it?

Just remember to screw the club’s cap on real tight - otherwise, unfortunate golfers will give new meaning to the term “piss-poor play”.

We suppose that the UroClub could also be used to carry non-bodily fluids, like Hennessy or other alcohols of choice. Just make sure the club has been thoroughly cleaned after each use.