Urban Meyer Knows When Man’s Family Is Hurting

Keith Niebuhr of GatorBait.net reports that Wednesday Urban Meyer verbally attacked ORLANDO SENTINEL reporter Jeremy Fowler for reporting what Deonte Thompson’s recently said about the Florida quarterback situation.

Urban Meyer confronts Jeremy Fowler of Orlando Sentinel

Thompson said of the Gators transition from Tim Tebow to John Brantley:

“You never know with Tim. You can bolt, you think he’s running but he’ll come up and pass it to you. You just have to be ready at all times. With Brantley, everything’s with rhythm, time. You know what I mean, a real quarterback.”

Full text of what was said between Meyer and reporter Fowler is below.

Meyer: “You’ll be out of practice … you understand that? … if you do that again. I told you five years ago: Don’t mess with our players. Don’t do it. You did it. You do it one more time and the Orlando Sentinel’s not welcome here ever again. Is that clear? It’s yes or no.”

Fowler: “Urban, come on. Don’t make any threats. That’s fine. I’ll play by rules.”

Meyer: “What’s that? (walking away, then turning back)”

Fowler: “I’ll play by rules, but all I was doing is quoting the guy. I don’t think I was the only one.”

Meyer: “You’re a bad guy, man. You’re a bad guy.”

Fowler: “Thanks, Urban. I appreciate that.”

Meyer: “Maybe when you get a chance, call his family and all that and help them out with it [the controversy the blog post created]. The kid has never been in trouble one time. He’s a great student, a great kid and you’re going to do that [to him]?

“If that was my son, we’d be going at it right now.”

Meyer then walked away and left a few minutes later without speaking to the media.

Ironic that Meyer brought up Thompson’s family, as the coach cited his own family as a primary reason for taking the entire 2010 season off.

If Meyer’s family can apparently recover that quickly, I think Thompson’s will be just fine.