Update: “Mel Kiper Is Very Involved” With 7 on 7?

Last night I revealed that Mel Kiper, Jr. was unintentionally outed by his colleagues at ESPN after Joe Schad’s Outside the Lines hit piece on 7 on 7 summer football ensnared Kiper’s active involvement in the practice.

Mel Kiper Jr 7on7u Championship Series Facebook Page On June 3 2011

(New entry posted today on Kiper 7 on 7 official Facebook page)

Following Schad’s ‘gotcha’ report last Sunday, ESPN noted on-air and on ESPN.com: ESPN’s Mel Kiper Jr. has had involvement with a national 7-on-7 tournament, but he is no longer involved.”

But six days after Kiper’s employer claimed on-air and online that he had disassociated himself with a 7 on 7 football enterprise bearing his name and active participation - if we are to believe a new message on the official Facebook page for the “Mel Kiper, Jr. 7on7u National Championship Series” - that apparently is untrue.

As I noted last night, Kiper has not removed himself from the website promoting, as ESPN called it, his “involvement with a national 7-on-7 tournament.” And this morning, the official Facebook page for Kiper’s 7 on 7-based venture stated in an entry posted at 5am PT (6/3/2011): “Mel is very involved.

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