Brooke Hundley: Steve Phillips’ Black Tar Heroine

Jason McIntyre of has a nice catch today, reporting on Steve Phillips mistress Brooke Hundley lashing out at her former lover.

Brooke Hundley and Steve Phillips

In comments on her Facebook account this week, Hundley disputed that Phillips was a sex addict, claiming that a “true sex addict has an unrelenting need to get sex anywhere anytime and rack up multiple people.”

“Sex addicts don’t pick out a single young employee to go after who has to worry about her career if she says anything. Steve’s not a sex addict. The only thing he’s ever been addicted to is feeding his own ego.”

On the contrary, if sex addiction does exist, the definition of it is what Steve Phillips did. Sleeping with someone like Hundley despite having everything to lose. Would a man of sound mind risk his career and family to have sex with a co-worker like Hundley?

Phillips said on NBC’s Today Monday that he suffered a “compulsion” to cheat on his wife and that he’d recently completed a 45-day stint at a sexual addiction clinic.

Phillips said, “I couldn’t stop myself from doing the things that I was doing, even knowing the consequences … marriage, great job, great career, and I risked all of it.

Phillips is the last person I’d trust about anything, but in this one, particular situation I believe his contention that his activity was a compulsion. His decision to have sex with a co-worker like Hundley is absolutely inexplicable based on the possible consequences.

On Sunday, Phillips mistress Hundley wrote: “Seriously is this ever going 2 go away & let me live a normal life?

Is it reasonable to think that Phillips wife Marni and other members his family are thinking the same thing thanks to Hundley’s involvement with the former ESPN announcer?

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