Rampage Arrested Again, Sent To Mental Hospital?

TMZ is reporting today that Rampage Jackson has been arrested again by OC authorities:

Rampage Jackson arrested again


Sources say around 4:30 PM yesterday, friends who were hanging out with Rampage, waved down an Irvine police car after they were worried about his behavior.

This, of course, following the insane chase the day before in which the UFC fighter hit several cars in his monster truck and was arrested at gunpoint.

Jackson was then taken to the “hospital” by police, indicating the distinct possibility that the UFCer may be receiving some sort of psychiatric care (which is unconfirmed at this point).

The biggest question in this though is why did police release Jackson in the first place after his motor vehicle rampage earlier in the week?

Of course, Jackson was given special treatment by the cops due to his pseudo-celebrity. And now you see the result of that: he’s back in the can after freaking out again. You would’ve thought his first trip to the slam would’ve indicated his alleged mental imbalance (for whatever reason).

Let this be a lesson to all of us. If you’re you going to squash cars in your monster truck on public streets, and then scare the bejesus out of your friends - and not expect to do time - then you better learn to sweep the leg.

UPDATE: MMA WEEKLY reports, “Although Jackson was not arrested again, the Irvine Police Department did escort him to mental health professionals for observation due to reports of him being a possible threat to himself and others.