Travis Henry Has 9 Kids From 9 Different Women

BRADY’S BRIDGET BABY HAS NOTHING ON HENRY’S HORDE: Travis Henry loves kids. So much so, that the Broncos RB has fathered 9 children from 9 different baby mammas:

Travis Henry with kids

THE BIG LEAD passes out the cigars, as Henry was collecting more than first downs during his days down south. The former Tennessee Titan had been playing Johnny Babyseed throughout Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina, in addition to the Volunteer State.

In fact, despite having a $25 million contract, he still borrowed money from Bud Adams & Co. in order to pay off back child support.

Travis Henry

But he seems to be a proud papa (or at least proud of his marksmanship), as Henry apparently said he would have liked to gather all his offspring together to watch him at training camp.

Maybe he and Shawn Kemp can trade parenting tips.