Torre Signing Guarantees McCourts Won’t Get A-Rod

RELAX ANGELS FANS, DODGERS WILL NOT BE GETTING AROD We’re wondering if there were other Dodger fans who were as embarrassed as we were at the McCourt’s pathetic PR play yesterday with the Joe Torre press conference.

Joe Torre Dodgers

The team rolled out the playoff-impaired National League manager with a presser on the field, and trumpeted the deal like it actually meant something.The McCourts are all about appearances and not winning. So to be able to land someone who appears to have a major influence on winning but obviously doesn’t (at least in the National League!), and snag the big-faced bench jockey at a flea market price - probably gave the nip/tuck’d couple their first orgasm since FM started frequenting WeHo.

Joe Torre Costume

The deal reminds us of scheduling in college football. The good teams like to schedule opposing squads with good tradition but who are down. Or crappy teams in top conferences (think Indiana, Minnesota). So it appears that a win over said squads is meaningful, when it’s no different than beating Bowling Green. In other words, Charlie Weis could really use the McCourts right about now.This press conference quote about Torre yesterday from Jamie McCourt says it all: “It’s sort of the punctuation point to our commitment to winning.

Joe Torre Yankees The End

Punctuation point. As in end. As a Dodger fan, we now really want him to sign with the Angels. Or anything else that will help hasten the departure of those two empty vessels beached on Chavez Ravine.