Topless Toronto Gal Told Windows Were Tinted

Blue Jays fans got a rise out the latest peep show to pop up at Skydome Rogers Center, when a photographer for the TORONTO SUN caught a topless gal cavorting in the hotel rooms overlooking the Toronto ballpark.

Blue Jays mascot topless woman

And now SLAM! SPORTS tracks down the semi-nude sweetie to uncover what exactly was going on in that room next to the Jumbotron. Turns out the topless lass was working as a “hostess” for a stag party, and she mistakenly thought that the hotel windows were tinted.

The 26-year-old “entertainer”, who wished to remain anonymous, said she was requested to shed her top for the party, and the hosts assured her that no one at the game could see through the windows.

Topless Toronto Blue Jays girl headshot

(The topless Toronto Blue Jays girl who wished to remain anonymous. Oops.)

If you can’t trust guys bringing escorts to their hotel rooms to ogle their naked breasts, who can you trust?

The “hostess” says she’s been working the stag party scene for a few years now to help pay for grad school. (Naturally.) But after this episode, the poor girl believes she’ll need to find a new way to pay for textbooks:

The topless lady did not disclose which company she worked for but plans to quit after the exposure.

“Everyone’s been contacting me asking me what I was doing and how this will ruin my career,” she said.

What? If anything, this exposure of her exposure should help her career. Think of all the additional work she can land because of her new found fame. Hire the Blue Jays Babe In The Buff for your next bachelor party!

It certainly helped the Sun’s online traffic, as the topless photo helped the paper’s website get over 200,000 hits - “over a quarter of the site’s daily views“.