T.O. Won’t Talk To Media - Unless They’re Sexy

Before Terrell Owens spilled his heart out on Sunday, he spent the previous week shying away from the media - until one ravishing reporter caught his eye.

Terrell Owens Sexy Reporter

T.O. spent last Wednesday’s press conference hiding behind a curtain. But when he peaked out, he spotted a curvaceous blonde with a press pass. Terrell proceeded to wave the reporter over and chatted it up with her, no doubt discussing backfields in motion and defensive penetration.

But who is the lovely lass with the nice…media room demeanor?

Ines Sainz

She’s Ines Sainz, sports reporter for Mexico’s TV Azteca, and apparently a former Miss Spain. Ines does sideline work for Azteca’s soccer matches, and probably gets more attention from the stands than the actual game on the pitch.

Ines Sainz Erin Andrews

Sort of the Erin Andrews of Latin America.

And her visit with T.O. wasn’t Ines’ first brush with American football. She was present at last year’s Super Bowl Media Day, grabbing more attention than Peyton Manning or Rex Grossman.

Ines Sainz Super Bowl

Just imagine if she was on the Dolphin Stadium sidelines that day, getting soaked by the rainy conditions. CBS would’ve had a new ratings record.