Owens Offended By Cowboys’ Offense After Loss

It was clear after a 3-0 start that the Dallas Cowboys have the talent to contend for a championship. But before this weekend, one big question was still to be answered: how would they react to adversity. According to the DALLAS MORNING NEWS, the answer is: poorly. And big shock, the main culprit appears to be Terrell Owens, as the paper reports that he had a “serious conversation” with Tony Romo about the offense after the game.

Terrell Owens cries

The topic of the conversation: how T.O. is being used in the offense. I guess that being thrown to 18 times in the game and having another two carries (when Marion Barber had eight carries total) isn’t enough? Perhaps he saw Ronnie Brown’s performance against the Patriots last week and started wondering why he wasn’t getting enough passing attempts.

Is T.O. unhappy because the Cowboys finally lost, or because he only had 17 catches this season? He reportedly told Romo that he’s unhappy with his lack of deep catches, as teams are stacking their coverage with a CB short and a safety deep to force him to settle for short routes. And I thought they were paying offensive coordinator Jason Garrett $5 gazillion a year to find a way around this?

But I’m sure T.O. and Romo can patch things up - I can’t imagine Owens having a feud with his quarterback that destroys a team. Ever.

I’m sure T.O. had a deep, emotional conversation with his quarterback - let’s just hope he didn’t start crying. But he WASHINGTON POST reports that he apparently wasn’t so upset about his performance that he couldn’t watch the Sunday Night Football game with Redskins defensive back Shawn Springs, his off-season workout partner (do they use the straps on each other?) and the guy who helped stymie T.O. throughout the game.

I hope Springs brought the popcorn.