Titans Mascot T-Rac Should Just Stay Off His Cart

Let me just start this post off by saying that I think mascots are incredibly dumb.  They serve no real purpose other than to annoy you while you’re trying to watch a sporting event.  I mean, don’t you love when you spend $400 on those great seats in the front row only to spend half your afternoon trying to peak around some college student in a giant foam costume?

Anyway, on to the point of this story.  You may or may not remember a few years ago that Tennessee Titans mascot, T-Rac (it stands for Titan Raccoon because nothing says “titan” like a raccoon!), ran over then backup New Orleans Saints quarterback Adrian McPherson with the cart he rides around the field.   McPherson actually sued the Titans for $20 million afterward.  Well, T-Rac hasn’t learned his lesson, for the path of destruction left in the wake of his cart continues to grow.


WSMV-Channel 4 photographer Craig Minor suffered a second-degree burn on his left hand during an accident in pre-game introductions.

As the Titans ran on the field led by mascot T-Rac, some pyrotechnics flew off the mascot’s cart and set the foam microphone on Minor’s camera on fire. “He reached over to put it out and it was sticky and it burned his hand,” WSMV sports director Rudy Kalis said.

Minor went to St. Thomas Hospital, where he was treated for a second-degree burn, Kalis said. The Titans declined comment.

I think it’s safe to say that unlike McPherson, Minor won’t be suing in this situation.  After all, even though T-Rac’s pyro set his mic on fire, he was the genius who decided to put it out with his hands.  Well, that and Minor is probably just relieved to have escaped with his life, as the majority of T-Rac’s victims can’t say the same.

When asked for comment about the incident, T-Rac didn’t say anything because mascots can’t talk.   He did jump up and down and clap a lot though, so I think he’s rather proud of himself.