Tired of Indian Ire, Sania Mirza To Skip Home Open

India’s tennis-playing bombshell Sania Mirza can’t deal with the so-called controversies anymore, so she’s skipping out on a tournament in her home country.

Sania Mirza tennis

The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports that the Indian tennis star won’t play in next month’s $600,000 Bangalore Open. She explains, “Every time I play in India there is a problem. Considering all that, I thought it would be better not to play in Bangalore.”

Conservative nutjobs elements have complained about her lifestyle, whether it’s her choice of on-court clothing (short skirts and sleveless shirts), or filming a commercial too close to a well-known mosque. But the worst of it was last month, as Indian nationalists flew into a fury over a certain photo of Mirza.

Sania Mirza Feet Near Flag Photo

In the candid snapshot, Sania was shown resting her bare feet on a table - with her feet a little too close to the Indian flag for the offended’s liking.

Now Mirza’s growing tired of all the criticism: “It does take its toll because it’s not easy to deal with that kind of pressure. It’s not normal for any youngster to block such pressure all the time and keep performing.”

Sania Mirza Photos

It truly is a shame. Well, we still appreciate Sania’s fine talents.