Tim Tebow’s Spring Break: Circumcising Filipinos?

Dave Curtis of the ORLANDO SENTINEL reports on what Tim Tebow did on his Spring Break from UF this year: “In an impoverished village outside General Santos City in the Philippines, Tebow helped circumcise impoverished children.

Tim Tebow Circumcisizes Filipinos

At first blush, you might say, “What the hell is he doing?” But after reading the piece by Curtis, I’d be surprised if your opinion didn’t change - at least a little.

Curtis reports that Tebow’s father has a “ministry that runs an orphanage in the Phillippines.” The Florida QB, his brother and father made the trip to help provide makeshift medical care for the poverty-striken locals.

After watching a doctor-in-training from the Univ. of Florida, Tebow himself dove right into the procedures:

Others saw Moleno, who after a crash course from the Filipino professionals, circumcised 10 boys and removed six cysts, some the size of tennis balls. Tebow helped with the last few circumcisions, growing more comfortable with each one.

“I got a kick watching him,” Bob Tebow said. “He did a great job, and he didn’t look really nervous. I wouldn’t let him cut on me, but he did well and helped where there was a need.”

The only question I have about the whole thing is were the circumcisions required before the other treatments? The Tebow group no doubt did some wonderful work to try to help those folks. But I’m a little dubious about the need for the circumcisions and the circumstances surrounding the treatments.