No Ma’am, You Cannot Have Sex With Tim Tebow

Well, all I can say is that this is a hell of a thing to learn on Twitter. Clay Travis, who covers the SEC for AOL FANHOUSE like capri pants cover Erin Andrews, is the only journalist brave enough to pose the really important question to Florida QB Tim Tebow. To wit: “Are you still a virgin?”

(Mr. Wonderful and girlfriend)

Clever move by Travis, who knows that because of the lessons handed down by his father Jor-El on the doomed planet Krypton, Tebow cannot tell a lie. And so the answer was: Yes. The lucky lady who shall lay with Tebow shall do so only in the marriage bed. Remember, this is the guy who turned down PLAYBOY.

Just the thing you’d want to Twitter, right? Or is it Tweet? Is it a verb or a noun? Whatthef***isit?

Tim Tebow, flawless, he’s saving himself for marriage. Just asked, confirmed. about 1 hour ago from web

Travis goes into more detail at FANHOUSE (and says that he’ll soon be posting audio of the conversation).

We already knew Tim Tebow had the ability to kill a man with a forearm and get popcorn to pop by staring at kernels, now he’s given yet another example of his superhuman powers. The most popular player in SEC history is saving himself for marriage. Unbelievable. I asked him this afternoon, and he didn’t even blink before responding. He even said he wasn’t surprised to get the question. Talk about unflappable.

At least one SEC coach is not impressed. But it isn’t Mark Richt!

Just as well. Less time for sex equals more time for circumcisions.