Tiger Woods Skips Out On Daughters Baptism

TIGER WOODS BOGEYS ON BABY DAUGHTER’S BAPTISM: Tiger Woods may or may not have sold his soul to the devil to achieve such great success, but the golfer may be going to hell, anyway, after skipping out on his baby’s baptism:

Tiger Woods baby Elin

YOU BEEN BLINDED reports how Woods missed out on the sacred celebration for his daughter Sam in Sweden. The ceremony took place last weekend in Stockholm, attended by mother Elin Nordegren and her family.Meanwhile, it appears the golfer formerly known as Eldrick traded holy water for water hazards, as reports say he was spotted at a charity tournament in California.

A family member couldn’t explain Tiger’s absence, saying, “Everybody was very surprised over the fact that Tiger did not show up.”

Tiger Woods baby

Afraid of attracting too much media attention, the baptism was held in a gym instead of a church. So, despite Daddy’s ditching, little Sam wasn’t missing any dumbbells, after all.