Tiger Woods’ New Jupiter Island Mansion Says ‘Hi’

Tiger Woods’ new mansion - the one on the property he bought for almost $45 million a couple years ago - is rounding into shape quite nicely. Well, actually, that’s a bit of a judgment call, depending on your tastes in architecture. How about this? One part of his mansion - possibly the guest house - is rounding into the shape of a word quite nicely. That work?

Tiger Woods Mansion 1
(See, it’s not just some weird headline. This part of the roof actually says “HI.”)

PAGE2LIVE.COM’s Jose Lambiet has new pictures of the mansion, but only new pictures. That’s not to call his journalistic bona fides into question or anything; it’s that, as he points out, everyone working on the house has signed a confidentiality agreement. Guess Tiger’s not a big fan of “Cribs.” So, pictures, then, everyone? Yes, pictures! More pics after the jump.

Tiger Woods Mansion 2

Tiger Woods Mansion 3

The construction’s still new enough that even given the address (400 block of South Beach Road), it’s not on Google Maps as yet - believe us, we looked.

Of note is that the website asks its readers whether Woods’ new house is, and we quote, “too ugly for Jupiter Island.” A majority of the respondents said “yes,” though we suspect that’s just because “are you jealous of Tiger Woods” would be too prone to denial. Let’s see how our readers feel about this one.

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