Tiger Woods Is Back And “Much Better Than Ever”

I’ve never really been that much of a fan of the game of golf. I don’t really play too much, which is best for everybody, and the only time I generally watch it on television is during a major tournament like the Masters or U.S. Open. Of course, ever since Tiger Woods left the tour to have surgery on his knee, I haven’t watched at all.

I’m probably not the only person who has responded this way, either. Tiger is a huge draw for casual golf fans worldwide, and there’s no doubt the PGA has missed his presence on the tour when it comes to attendance at tournaments and sponsorship money. Which is why they’ll no doubt be happy to hear that Tiger’s knee is just about healed and he’s getting ready to return pretty soon.


In a newsletter posted on his website, www.tigerwoods.com, Woods announced he is “full-bore with my practice sessions and have no restrictions.” Though he did cite a lack of endurance and stamina, he did claim his surgically repaired left knee was “much better than ever.”

That return is contingent on more than just his health or his golf readiness, Woods and wife Elin are anticipating the birth of their second child later this month.

“Elin, Sam and i are very excited for the new baby to arrive,” he states, “although that’s when the real lack of sleep begins.”

Woods also went on to say in his blog entry, you need to be registered at his website to read it, that while the dream scenario would be to play a full schedule after he returns, the new baby will probably keep him from doing that. Instead he’s going to have to take it on a “tournament to tournament basis.” He also says it’s real nice to hit a golf ball and not feel his “bones grinding against each other.”

In other news, while playing a practice round at Torrey Pines for the Buick Invitational, Phil Mickelson just shanked a drive upon hearing of Tiger’s imminent return.