More Dirt Cause For Tiger’s New PR Campaign?

Adult film performer Joslyn James, who recently released a series of sexually graphic text messages alleged to have been sent to her by Tiger Woods, guested on a New Zealand radio show today to talk about her alleged relationship with Woods and his Kiwi caddie Steve Williams.

Tiger Woods Joslyn James Steve Williams

During the interview, James intimated strongly that she had met Williams on at least once occasion. Williams subsequented denied her claim to Robert Lusetich of today.

Excerpts from the interview:

Radio Interviewer Martin Devlin: “Did you ever meet him (Steve Williams), do you know who he is?
Joslyn James: I know who he is, yes.

Radio Interviewer Martin Devlin: Would you recognize him (Williams) because you saw him on television or because you saw him in person?
Joslyn James: Both.

Radio Interviewer Martin Devlin: Would he (Williams) go nightclubbing with him (Tiger)?
Joslyn James: He was out with him a couple times, that I saw.

During the interview, James said that she initially met Woods at a club in Las Vegas where she was working. Radio interviewer Devlin asked her if she also met Williams at her workplace in Vegas.
Joslyn James: That is definitely a possibility.

Radio Interviewer Martin Devlin: So he (Williams) would know who you were?
Joslyn James: I would have to say probably yes.

As for Williams denial, Lusetich of reports:

Steve Williams has denied accusations by porn star Joslyn James that they’d met in nightclubs and put an end to speculation that he wouldn’t be caddying for Tiger Woods at the Masters.

“I know this woman hasn’t met me in a nightclub with Tiger because I’ve never been to a nightclub with Tiger,” Williams told Sunday from his home in New Zealand.

Also on the day of James’ new accusations about Williams, Woods suddenly emerged from a four month media embargo to launch a public relations campaign involving sitdown interviews with ESPN and The Golf Channel. A media source also told me Sunday that Woods will also appear on ABC’s Good Morning America on Monday.

Ironic when you consider that today The Golf Channel’s Kelly Tilghman reported that Woods PR guy Ari Fleishcer has quit. (Tilghman said on-air that Fleischer told her he was “withdrawing his services” because he himself was now “too big a part of the story“.)

James said during her New Zealand radio interview that she plans to release more texts allegedly between her and Woods, some of which she said Sunday are more sexually graphic than what was released last week. also reported last week on James releasing more material:

We’re told Joslyn will release emails — on — that she received from Bryon Bell in 2007. One e-mail details an alleged meeting in Charlotte from April 27-May 2. Woods had a PGA event that began May 3 in Charlotte — he won.

The second alleged trip was in July 2007 to Washington D.C. For that trip Joslyn was in town during the actual PGA event — Tiger finished tied for sixth.

As we first reported, Bryon — a childhood friend and President of Tiger Woods Design — also helped arrange a November tryst for Tiger and Rachel Uchitel in Australia.

With The Masters still weeks away, are the appearances by Woods complete coincidence or, knowing that James may release more dirt about their alleged relationship, is the golfer suddently sitting for Q&As to engender good will from the public in an attempt to damage control what James might release?

Impossible to know, but his appearances today certainly popped up out of nowhere. Just when you think this story is finally slowing down, that it can’t possibly get worse for Woods, we get what we got today.

If only Woods could somehow make this all go away once and for all!

Wait a minute. Can’t he?

All he has to do is deny he had an extramarital affair with James and wasn’t the person who sent the sexually graphic messages to her. Thanks to intimate details of the alleged affair, like hotel room numbers Woods provided in the texts, wouldn’t it be simple for the golfer to debunk the ugly evidence about him produced by an adult film performer?

Maybe Woods just hasn’t thought of that yet.

Where’s Ari when you need him?!