This Is A Dark Day In The Life Of Tommy Lasorda

Remember the old story about how Mike Piazza was drafted by the Dodgers in the 62nd round? Piazza’s father Vince was close friends with Tommy Lasorda, and the former Dodgers manager had the selection made as a favor to Senior Piazza.

Lasorda Vince Mike Piazza

Mike Piazza has since gone on to fame and glory in baseball, along with marrying a nudie model (nothing wrong with that). And we now know waaay too much about the financially-transacted sexual proclivities of Mr. Lasorda.

What we didn’t know was the real story of Vince Piazza, until today.

Excerpt from PAGE SIX today: “FORMER Met Mike Piazza’s millionaire dad, Vince Piazza, is about to become even richer. Vince has signed papers to sell the Crazy Horse Too Cabaret, an upscale topless bar/restaurant in Philadelphia, to publicly traded gentlemen’s club Rick’s Cabaret International for $7.9 million.

So now the secret is out. No wonder Lasorda and Piazza were so close (we know, that was too easy).

The only thing substantial that was previously written about Vince Piazza that we could find was from Michael Bamberger of SI, who reported of Vince in 1998, “In a sprawling, sleek modern house on Valley Forge Mountain, outside Philadelphia, Piazza’s father, Vince, has settled into a chair to watch the game on TV. Vince, on an epic scale, is a car salesman, a real-estate investor and an entrepreneur who is worth about $70 million.

Couldn’t you just see Vince telling the Bamberger as he’s taking notes for the piece, “Pssst., Mike, would you mind leaving my strip club out of the story?”

So this is a sad day for the Piazza family. And a little embarrassing. But no one, and we mean NO ONE, is more disappointed than Lasorda.