The People Of China All Agree: “Let’s Go Steelers”

I know the Pittsburgh Steelers have fans everywhere, but this is starting to get a little bit ridiculous. Steeler Nation has now apparently reached all the way into another nation - China.

Chinese Steelers fans

And, being China, it wouldn’t be proper to root for anything unless several thousand people were doing it in unison. That’s just how they roll. So get ready to cue this up, Pittsburghers, when your boys take on the Titans on Sunday.

(Video after the jump.)

PITTSBURGH SPORTS AND MINI PONIES pointed this one out to us:

I can’t find any explanation of what exactly this is all about, other than it appears to be a group of students.

In other Asian Steelers news, MONDESI’S HOUSE says that Hines Ward and his mother are going to be the subjects of a new film, called My Mother. Ward’s Korean mom, Kim Young-hee, reportedly worked 16 hours a day in order to make ends meet when Hines was a kid. Although, since the source story is from a Korean site called JOONGANG DAILY, one can reasonably assume that this will be a Korean production, meaning that we’ll never see it on our side of the pond.

Of course, the football scenes will still probably be more realistic than in most American movies. Except for all the Koreans that will be playing for the fake Patriots.