The Lighter Side of Broken Bats Soaring Into Seats

The recent rise in maple bats breaking apart has MLB officials worried about the safety of their fans & players. (Just ask poor ol’ Susan Rhodes & Troy Tulowitzki.) But that doesn’t mean that shards of shattered wood sailing into the stands at fantastic speeds can’t have its lighter moments.

Broken bat sailing into crowd

The SOUTH FLORIDA SUN SENTINEL shares the fun of possible impalement by offering this photo essay of fans fearful of incoming bats & balls.

Let’s enjoy a few laughs at the expense of others, shall we?

These Brewers fans appear to be cruisin’ for a bruisin’:

Brewers fans duck from flying bat

How many Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, California, USA, North America fans does it take to catch one wayward hitting stick?

Angels fans catching bat

However, this Cubs fan is the smartest of all, knowing that even a piece of wood flying right at you is still no reason to drop your beer.

Cubs fan catching bat while holding beer

We hope this pictorial added a little sunshine to your otherwise dreary day.