Texas Tech Fans Officially Have Spoken On James

Texas Tech football fans have spoken on the dispute between Mike Leach vs. the James family and the Tech administration.

Adam James sign at Alamo Bowl

Adam James endured deafening boos as he entered and left the field during the Alamo Bowl Saturday night in San Antonio. ESPN also reported that James was provided extra security.

Thayer Evans of the NEW YORK TIMES, who conducted an interview with Texas Tech head football trainer Steve Pincock before Texas Tech released an affidavit today with what the school claims were comments made by Pincock on Dec.21, reports Saturday night:

In a previous statement by Pincock that was provided by Leach’s lawyers, he said that James “was never locked in any facility, and was never placed in an electrical closet or tight space, or instructed to do so.”

Pincock in his statement to Tech administrators said the Leach instructed him to lock James into wherever the son of ESPN announcer Craig James was to be confined.

In the affidavit, Pincock said he told Leach where he had put James and that Leach said that “he was fine with it.”

More from the New York Times:

In another affidavit released Saturday by the university, the team physician Michael Phy told the investigator on Dec. 22 that James “may not have been harmed,” but that he “considered this practice inappropriate.” In the statement announcing Leach’s firing, Texas Tech said that Leach’s actions put James “at risk for additional injury.”

In a previous statement distributed by Leach’s lawyers, Phy said that “no additional risks or harm were imposed on Adam by what he was asked to do.”

Lastly, Evans notes that the Tech administration had Pincock and Phy “sign affidavits about their original statements to the investigator after Leach’s ‘conflicting recent media accounts of the treatment of James.’

Actually, the conflicting comments came from Pincock and Phy.