Texas Tech Coach Mike Leach Fined $10,000 By Big 12 For Ref Comments

LEACH’S POST-GAME TIRADE TOPS OFF WITH $10,000 FINE: Mike Leach refused to back down from comments he made about last Saturday’s officiating. And now his words have cost him a sizable sum:

Mike Leach chair

The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports that the Texas Tech coach was fined $10,000 for the remarks he made following the Red Raiders’ loss to the Longhorns.The fine was the highest ever handed down by the Big 12 Conference, doubling the previous record of penny- pinching punishment.

The HOUSTON CHRONICLE adds that Leach was also given a reprimand by the Big 12 (oooh, scary!). The conference also warned the Tech coach that any similar outbursts in the future could result in a suspension.