T.O. Tackles Sitcoms w/Spot On Flavor Flav Show

If a Dolphins defensive end can Dance With The Stars, why can’t a Cowboys receiver find fame & fortune on a sitcom starring Flavor Flav?

Terrell Owens Flavor Flav

That’s just what Terrell Owens must have been asking himself. Well, America needn’t wonder any longer, as T.O. will be making his primetime acting debut Wednesday night.

Owens will be appearing in the comedy (we suppose) “Under One Roof” on the MyNetworkTV network (we believe it used to be known as UPN).

And does Terrell tickle any funny bones? The DALLAS MORNING NEWS lets us judge for ourselves by offering up a couple of video clips. See a small sampling for yourself after the jump.

We laughed ’til we stopped! If you’re gonna see one show on MyNetworkTV Wednesday night a 8 p.m. Eastern (check local listings), this should be it! T.O. should really stand for “Thespian? Of course!

Surprisingly, Terrell’s pretty honest about his pursuit of small-screen stardom:

“If I’m going to really consider doing acting after football, this a great start to let me get my feet wet. For an actor trying to become an A-lister, I think I’m on the bottom of the pile. I’m a D-lister.”

In all this, it’s really hard to decide what’s the most shocking development:

• Flavor Flav has a sitcom.

• UPN lives (sort of).

• T.O. is humble.